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Hello! Welcome to my country Corner. My name is Irene and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. If you are a returning visitor, welcome back. It's nice to known that you are visiting again. If it's your first visit to my country corner, welcome! Hope that you enjoy your stay here and that it becomes one of your favorite places to visit on the Internet.

This website was created by me just for fun, with the purpose of sharing with friends and family things I like and care for and to show them varied facts, photos and other things about my city and the culture of my country. You will find many pages here that may not be of your interest. Have in mind that they were created to entertain my friends, not to please all visitors. But if you enjoy my website too, you are welcome anytime. :o)

Please, use the links at the bottom of the pages to navigate. This site is divided in corners. Each corner has lots of pages for you to visit. Some of these pages have links to other pages with related subject. To return to the main page and choose another corner to visit, just click on the "Site Menu" link that can be found at the bottom of all pages.

If you like the images used in my website and want to save them to your computer, please look for the logos or text links at the bottom of all pages. They will take you to the sites of the people who created the graphics. I cannot offer for download graphics which I did not create, that is why you should not save anything from my pages. Hope you understand! All graphics I use here are used with the permission of their authors and credit is given at the bottom of all pages. Enjoy your stay!

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Site Last updated in December 2008

Hello friends, family and new visitors.

As I did not have had time to update my website the past months, I decided to remove the pages which were under construction and those which needed updates. I will keep my personal site on the internet as long as I keep my commercial site, however I will not work on monthly updates anymore as I used to. I need to focus on my commercial site and my family and if there is time, I will work on my personal site too.

I do appreciate all awards, cards and gifts I have received along all these years. Please, keep sending them to me. I may not post them as often as I used to, but I keep them all in a folder in my computer. :o)

If you are a personal friend, an old friend I haven't seen for a while, an internet friend of mine, a member of my family etc, please contact me in order to have access to all sections of this website. I am removing some pages from this website and some content will be exclusively for old internet friends.

December 30, 2008

My New Year pages in my Holidays Corner were all updated.

Happy New Year dear friends !!!

December 8, 2008

Personal Corner was entirely updated. All pages which were under construction were removed. All of the Travel Pages which were removed a long time ago due to lack of space in my server are back on line again. All the links in the Personal Corner pages have already been updated. Many sites are now closed and I removed the non-working external links.

Internet Corner was updated again. As my site in Geocities which I used to post the cards and gifts received from Internet friends was not working, I had to remove the links to these pages.

A new page to my Crafts Corner: Scrapbooking.

The next Corner that will be updated will be the Holidays Corner.

Happy Holidays!!!

July 14, 2008

Collectibles Corner and Crafts Corner had all pages and links updated. I had to removed tons of pages from the Collectibles Corner in order to make room for other updates, but six pages still remain.

July 12, 2008

Reading Corner had all pages and links updated. I also added a few new graphics here and there.

Brazilian Corner is almost entirely updated. Only a few pages still need updates in which I will be working in 2009. A new page was finally uploaded after more than a year after I created it. Better late than never: Brazilian Fauna. :o) There are lots of information about the animals and some pictures I took at the zoo. Hope you enjoy!

The birthday cards I received this year (July 3) were posted in the Birthday Pages in my Personal Corner. Thank you Annette & Suzanne! Unfortunately, while updating the birthday pages I noticed that the birthday cards I received in 2007 were not saved in my computer before I had problems with Outlook. I lost hundreds of emails and was unable to save many things. If you sent me a birthday card in 2007 I will appreciated it if you could resend it to me, please. Thank you!

Have a nice day!

NOTE: The email address I used for my personal website is not in use since 2006.
If you emailed me and have never heard from me it is because I do not use it anymore.
Please, click on the email link below to send me a new email.
Thank you!

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