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Switzerland (French Suisse; German Schweiz; Italian Svizzera)

Federal republic in west central Europe, bounded on the north by France and Germany, on the east by Austria and Liechtenstein, on the south by Italy, and on the west by France.

The country has an area of 41,285 sq km (15,940 sq mi). Its largest city is Zürich, and its capital is Bern.

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  The country is made up of 23 cantons (states): Zürich, Bern/Berne, Luzern, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden (Obwalden/Nidwalden), Glarus, Zug, Freiburg/Fribourg, Solothurn, Basel (Basel Stadt/Basel Land), Schaffhausen, Appenzell (Appenzell Ausserrhoden/Appenzell Innerrhoden), Sankt Gallen, Graubünden, Aargau, Thurgau, Ticino, Vaud, Valais/Valais, Neuchâtel , Genève and Jura.

The languages spoken are French, German, Italian and Romanish. Its currency is the Swiss franc (CHF).

Switzerland is the home of magnificent landscapes, the most beautiful I have ever seen in my whole life. The alps, the lakes, the houses, the medieval villages, the castles...all this will remain in my mind forever. 

The cows in Switzerland have huge bells around their neck and the soud of these bells is very pleasant. I loved to hear the sound of these cow bells ("cloches"). So nice !

In the Canton of Fribourg, I had the pleasure to visit wonderful places such as Murten (Morat in French), a medieval walled town by a lake; Fribourg (Freiburg in German), another bilingual town, situated on both sides of the scenic Sarine river gorge, with a beautiful cathedral (St. Nicholas); and the village of Gruyères, crowned by a beautiful medieval castle, among many other beautiful places.

Use the menu below to choose the places you want to know about and see some of the many pictures I took during my visit to Switzerland.

The Moléson Mountain

La Gruyére and the Château de Gruyères

 Avenches and the Roman Ruins

Romont and the Musée du Vitrail

Schwarzsee - Lac Noir


Morat and the ramparts

Fribourg and l'Église St. Nicolas



Montreaux and Chillon

Switzerland in my heart

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