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" I'm a scary scarecrow made of straw,
Listening for the crows to caw.
I watch the field all day and all night,too.
If a crow comes by, I just say "Boo!"

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 Scarecrows often appear in movies, cartoons, comics etc. Sometimes they are depicted as scary creatures, sometimes they are nice and friendly.

A scarecrow is a figure dressed up like a person which is placed on cultivated ground to keep birds or other animals away from the plantations. The most popular scarecrow is a mannequin stuffed with straw; free-hanging, often reflective parts movable by the wind are commonly attached in order to increase its effectiveness. A scarecrow dressed in clothes previously worn by a hunter, is regarded by some as especially efficacious.

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I remember that during my trip to Europe, I was in a village in the French countryside and I was delighted with the so many scarecrows I saw while passing by car. Although these figures are very known in Brazil, we don't have the tradition of using scarecrows in the plantations.

Copyright © Graphics by IreneThe name scarecrow derives from its large use against the crow. Crows are any of several black birds belonging to the family Corvidae (order Passeriformes). More than 20 of the 30 species of the genus Corvus are known as crows. The common crows are Corvus brachyrhynchos of North America, which can be found almost everywhere in the United States, and Corvus corone of Eurasia.

Ravens are any of several species of heavy-billed, dark birds, larger than crows, of the genus Corvus, family Corvidae. The Common raven, Corvus corax, are often confused with the American crow, but they are larger and heavier than the crow. They are solitary birds of the wilderness, while crows are highly social birds.

They are a symbol of dark prophecy, death, pestilence and disease, although its cleverness and fearless habits also brought them admiration. They were immortalized in Edgar Alan Poe's most famous poem "The Raven", in 1845.


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