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  Women thought to have evil magic powers, often portrayed in fairy stories wearing a back cloack and a pointed hat, and flying on broomsticks.

The witch was considered a wise-woman who lived in harmony with nature. They were skilled in the use of herbs and were often called upon to cure illnesses.

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The broomstick was used to cleanse the area where magical rituals were performed. On the festival of Samhain (All Hallow's Eve), witches would often anoint themselves with a "magical" ointment which made the skin tingle and gave the illusion of being very light. A witch walking through the woods on her way to the festival would often use the broom as a means to help jump over a brook or stream. For this reason, they were believed to be flying.

  The cauldron was a pot used for mixturing ingredients to make magical potions and for looking into the future on the water's surface. The wands were believed to be extensions of the life force of the witch herself.

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