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Adopted at Kinda Country. Click on the certificate at the bottom of the page to adopt yours.


Easter Gifts and Adoptions


" The baskets were waiting, all decorated with care,
In hopes that the Bunny soon would be there."

Adopted at Wilcox Country. Click on the certificate at the bottom of the page to adopt yours.

These are some cuties I adopted for my Easter pages.
Please, click on the certificates if you want to adopt them too. Thank you !

If you're not familiar with adoptions and don't know what they are exactly, I'll tell you about it. Please, note that this is just my collection, you cannot download any of these adoptions.

An adoption is a clipart that normally comes along with a certificate. There are many people who offer varied adoptions in their sites. If we like an adoption, we only need to read the rules for adoption and if we agree to follow them, we can request the desired adoption by sending an email to the person who is offering the adoption, or filling in a form in order to request it. Each person who offer adoptions make her/his own rules for adoption, so do not forget to always read them every time you request and adoption from someone.

When we receive the adoption and place it in our website, we have to link the certificate that comes with the adoption to the site of the person who is offering that adoption, so others can visit that site and adopt it too. So if you see something you like here, just look at the bottom of the pages and click on the certificates. Each adoption has its own certificate and they are linked to the sites where you can request them. People have lots of fun collection adoptables. It's like collecting anything else we like. Use the menu below to view my adoptions. Have fun !

From Johanna. Please, visit Jo's Lil Bitties if you want to download this graphic. Thank you!

Easter Gingers

Easter Bunnies 

Easter Kids and Dolls

Easter Bears 


Sigtag purchased at My Lil Squiggles.


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 Click here to adopt your Easter Egg Bunny at Wilcox Country.

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Click here to adopt Happy Easter sign at Kinda Kountry. 

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