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Brazilian Holidays and Feasts


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  New Year's Eve - Dec 31   Saint Sebastian Day - Jan 20 *
  Carnival - movable   Labor Day - May 1 *
  Easter - movable   Corpus Christ - movable *
  Mother's Day - 2nd Sunday of May   Independence Day - Sep 7
  Valentine's Day - Jun 12   Lady Aparecida Day - Oct 12 *
  June Feasts - June & July   Teacher's Day - Oct 15
  Father's Day - 2nd Sunday of August   All Souls Day - Nov 2 *
  Bumba-meu-boi   Proclamation of Republic - Nov 15 *
  Bois de Parintins   Zumbi dos Palmares Day - Nov 20 *
  Christmas - Dec 25   Empty


The list below indicates the days that are holidays in Brazil and in the United States in 2002. All commerce, schools and other institutions are closed on these dates.

January 1: New Year's Day (USA and Brazil)
January 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (USA)
January 20: São Sebastião Day (Rio de Janeiro only)
January 25: São Paulo Anniversary (São Paulo only)
February 11/12: Carnival (Brazil)
February 13: Ash Wednesday - Half-Day (Brazil)
February 19: Presidents' Day (USA)
March 29: Good Friday (Brazil)
March 31: Easter Sunday (Brazil and USA)
April 21: Tiradentes Day (Brazil)
May 1: Labor Day (Brazil)
May 28: Memorial Day (USA)
June 14: Corpus Christi (Brazil - except Recife)
June 24: São João Day (Recife only)
July 4: Independence Day (USA)
July 9: São Paulo State Day (São Paulo only)
July 16: N. Sra. do Carmo Day (Recife only)
August 15: Assumption Day (Belo Horizonte only)
September 3: Labor Day (USA)
September 7: Independence Day (Brazil)
September 20: Farroupilha Day (Porto Alegre only)October 2: Merchants Day (Recife only)
October 8: Columbus Day (USA)
October 12: N. Sra. Aparecida (Brazil)
October 23: Re-Círio (Br-Belém only)
November 2: All Souls Day (Brazil)
November 12: Veterans Day (USA)
November 15: Proclamation of the Republic (Brazil)
November 20: Zumbi dos Palmares (Rio only)
November 22: Thanksgiving Day (USA)
November 30: Evangelicals Day (Brasília only)
December 8: Immaculate Conception (Belém, Belo Horizonte and Recife only)
December 25: Christmas (USA and Brazil)
I got this information in the American Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.


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