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 Halloween Adoptions 2002


© Irene. Adopted at Kris Marie's Corner.

Please, remember to click on the certificates on this page if you want to adopt any of these cuties too. They will take you to the sites where I adopted them from. Thank you ! :o)


© Irene. Adopted at 2 Paw Designs.


© Irene. Adopted at Irene's Country Corner.


© Irene. Adopted at Nicole's Country Home.


© Irene. Adopted at Michelle's Family Site.


Thank you Anita !  :o)


© Irene. Adopted at Michlle's Cottage.


© Irene. Adopted at Kay's Cozy Cottage.


© Irene. Adopted at Susan's Cozy Adoption Shoppe.

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This page was created on: September 27th 2002.
"Spooks on Parade" from My Haunted Jukebox.

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