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There are different types of patina and different ways to make it. The way you will make it depends on the kind of effect you wish to obtain.


Start with a clean surface, free of lacquer or oil. Separate the furniture into its separate components (drawers, adjustable shelves, etc). Wipe each piece with a clean rag to get rid of dust and dirt. Remove all hardware such as drawer pulls or handles.

Sand the surface with a thin sandpaper in order to repair damages. Seal with white primer (apply two coats or more if needed). How many coats you apply depends on how dark the furniture is. Allow each coat to dry well before applying the next one.

Beginning the patina

Step 1
Using a bristle brush, apply the first color. You may need to apply two coats. Let it dry well between coats. The amount of time will depend on humidity and temperature conditions.

Step 2
Apply the second color using an old bristle brush, a natural sponge or a rag. It depends on the kind of effect you want to obtain. The second coat must be thinner than the first one. Do not stop while moving the brush. You can work in sections, but never stop in the middle, go on from one side to the other without taking the brush out of the surface.

Step 3
If you think it's needed, you can rub the piece you painted with a sandpaper after the second color dries, so the first color will appear under the second one.

When all of the painting has been completed, paint the furniture with several coats of clear acrylic varnish seal the paint and keep it from becoming scratched, or seal it with solid transparent wax if you can find it where you live (the one used on wooden floors). If you use wax, rub it with a damp cloth after it dries. This will give the surface some shine.

The piece below was painted using two colors to make the patina effect (first color: white; second color: beije). I painted the flowers after the patina was completed and sealed it with solid transparent wax instead of the varnish.



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