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I have always loved Christmas, it is my favorite holiday of the year. It is time to gather the family, to decorate the house, to exchange presents, to send and receive cards, meet dear friends and to remember the birth of Jesus. Christmas from my childhood bring back heartwarming memories which I like to remember.

Traditions are very important elements in a family life, when we grow up and look back to our past, they will be the first thing that we will bring back to life again. I have always enjoyed the traditions of Christmas, it was always a great joy to decorate our home for Christmas, to wait for the family gathering, to wake up the next morning and look for presents at the bottom of the tree.

Christmas traditions as well as Santa's appearance on Christmas Eve and all the elements related to the Christmas history vary from country to country. Every country has its own Christmas traditions like every family has its own traditions too. One Christmas tradition that is very strong in Brazil and which brings me nice memories of my childhood is to create a nativity scene. I had so many nice moments with my grandmother creating the nativity scene every year. It is a tradition that I want to keep for my son to enjoy.

A typical Brazilian Christmas dinner includes turkey, codfish, ham, colored rice, nuts and fresh vegetable and fruit dishes. Our family gatherings at Christmas and the family dinner are joyful memories of my past Christmas. As we grown up, we loose people dear to us but we are also blessed with new children who arrive in the family. Every Christmas is different and we have to enjoy every good moment while they last, so we will always have treasured memories to remember ever after.

These simple moments with the family all together, the children gathered near the tree or looking out of the window searching for Santa, the presents under the tree, the songs we heard together and the family dinner are joyous times that will last forever.

No matter where you live or how old you are, believe in the magic of Christmas.

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