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Carnival in São Paulo

March, 2003 - Picture ©  Futura Press/AJB - JB Online
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February 28, 2003 - Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi Samba School

In São Paulo, the largest city of the country, the samba schools become more organized and their parades more luxuriant each year. A "sambódromo" similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro was built to be the stage of the city's samba school's performances. Some of São Paulo's most famous samba schools are Vai-Vai, Camisa Verde e Branco, Gaviões da Fiel and Rosas de Ouro.


 Today, the city of São Paulo attracts thousands of tourists from the São Paulo state as well as the nearby states every year. The samba schools from São Paulo have grown considerably and achieved a lot of popularity in the past years.

Vai-Vai Samba School. Carnival 2002.
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Vai-Vai Samba School - Carnival 2002


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