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This set contains 50 graphics to be used as is, plus two blank buttons
for you to add your own text to.






















 Colonial Flag

Great Union Flag 

Rattlesnake Flag 





Betsy Ross Flag

Benningnton Flag 

Star Spangled Banner 





The third Official Flag 

The 48 Stars Flag 

Old Glory

















These are the ONLY graphics on this set on which you can add your own text to.
Estes são os ÚNICOS gráficos nos quais você pode colocar seu próprio texto.
Ceux ci sont les SEULS graphiques sur lesquels vous pouvez écrire un texte.








Counter Digits














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This set was created on August 2nd 2001.

~ Please, do not forget to respect and follow my terms of use if you use these graphics. Thank you. ~ 

~ Copyright © 2000-2002 Irene Mendes. All rights reserved. My work is not public domain. ~