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This set contains 69 graphics that must be used as is, plus one blank button for you to add your own text to. You can download this entire set in zip file at the bottom of the page.

































This is the ONLY graphic on this set that you can add your own text to.
Este e o ÚNICO gráfico no qual você pode colocar seu próprio texto.
Celui est le SEUL graphique sur lequel vous pouvez écrire un texte.


Font: Tempus Sans ITC
Color: #000000




Download this entire set in a zip file by clicking HERE.



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This set was created on April 24th 2002.

~ Please, do not forget to respect and follow my terms of use if you use these graphics. Thank you. ~ 

~ Copyright © 2000-2002 Irene Mendes. All rights reserved. My work is not public domain. ~