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This set has a total of 111 graphics that must be used as is, plus seven quilt pieces
four blank cards, one blank button, one stamp and one sigtag
for you to add your own text to. Total: 125 images.
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Added: Jan 2006


Added: Sep 2005





















Peace in different languages






















































United States



Burma (Myanmar)





Sri Lanka
















United Kingdom










For the Beslan attack in Russia, on September 1, 2004.













For the disaster in Asia, on December, 26 2004.






For the terrorist attack in Madrid, on March, 11 2004.







For the terrorist attack in the United States, on September 11, 2001.








For the fire in a supermarket in Assumpcion, Paraguay, on August, 1 2004.



For the bomb attackes in London, on July 7 2005.



For the fire disaster in a club in Argentina, on December, 30 2004.





NOTE: If there is any other event you would like to be represented through these graphics
please let me know and I'll do my best to make it as soon as possible.


Guest Book and Email Images





The graphics below are the ONLY graphics on this set that you can add your own text to.
Please, do not alter them (resize, recolor etc), just write your own text. Thank you !

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Quilt Pieces










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Graphics by Irene

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