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 The graphic above does not have a transparent background. It must be used with this background because of the shadow effect. The same graphic with a transparent background can be found below.


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This set has a total of 45 graphics that must be used as is, plus one blank quilt piece
and three blank buttons for you to add your own text to. Total: 49 images.
You can download this entire set in a zip file at the bottom of the page.


These graphics are NOT public domain.
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This is the same graphic above, but with a transparent background.













Miscellaneous images













Guest Book and Email Images




The graphics below are the ONLY graphics on this set that you can add your own text to.
Please, do not alter them (resize, recolor etc), just write your own text. Thank you !

Os gráficos abaixo são os ÚNICOS gráficos deste set nos quais você pode escrever texto.
Por favor, não os modifique (altere tamanho, cores etc), apenas escreva texto. Obrigada!




You can add your own text to the buttons below.



Font used: Black Jack



Quilt Piece

You can add your own text to this quilt piece above.











Click HERE to download this entire set in a zip file.



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 This set was created on September 29th 2005
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