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Spring Collection Vol. 4 - Magical Garden

Copyright © Graphics by Irene.
This sample shows only part of the graphics included in this collection.



Copyright © Graphics by Irene. Graphic for my personal use only. Not available for download.
This beautiful collection, filled with lots of beautiful fairies, girls and flowers is divided in 8 HTM pages for a better offline viewing of the graphics. The graphics in this collection were created for website use (72 DPI resolution), but they can also be used for printing purposes (note that if resized, these graphics appear distorted as they are created in 72 DPI, in order to avoid that, printing must be done in actual size). See more samples below.


This collection contains the following cliparts:

- Lots of fairies and girls with different hair/skin color.
- Miscellaneous flowers, butterflies and bees.
- 3 sig tags
- 28 lines
- 4 Guest Book and 4 Email images
- 60 backgrounds
- 2 different blank cards for you to add text.
- 2 different blank quilt pieces.
- 5 blank buttons for you to add your text.
- 10 buttons with text
- 1 set of stamp racks
- 2 racks (one for quilts and one for blogs)
- Mini graphics
TOTAL: 518 GIF IMAGES (including 6 Graphics by Irene logos)
Please, note that some graphics are repeated (there are variations of the same graphics in all of my collections, such as kids with
different hair/skin colors). These repeated graphics are extra graphics created to offer more options for website use.


Not all graphics are shown in the samples.

Copyright © Graphics by Irene.

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